Notice of Planned Nursing Program Changes

The Nursing Program at Washtenaw Community College is undergoing program changes. In keeping with WCC’s philosophy of continuous improvement, curricular changes are being made to enhance alignment with the national licensure (NCLEX-RN) exam and current trends in associate degree nursing programs.

We are providing this preliminary information so students currently intending to apply for admission to the program to make any necessary changes to their current enrollment. These changes are scheduled to go into effect for students admitted to the program Fall 2017 and later.

The changes will affect admission requirements, course requirements and add options for exiting and entering the program.

Changes to requirements for acceptance into the Associate Degree Nursing Program

  1. Successful completion of pre-requisite courses:
  • BIO 111 with a minimum grade of B-/2.7
  • ENG 111 (new requirement for admission)
  • COM 101 or higher (new requirement for admission)
  1. Academic Math Level 3 or higher, completion of Math 160 or any math level 4 or higher course (requirement revised – see courses added below
  2. Complete a Criminal Background check and submit urine drug screen results using a new vendor “Verified Credentials
  3. Other requirements remained unchanged

Planned curriculum changes effective Fall 2017 to the program:

  1. Courses Added
  • PSY 206 – Life Span Developmental Psychology- 4 credits
    *(students who completed HSC 147 and PSY 100 do not need to take PSY 206)
  • MTH 160 – Basic Statistics-4 credits
  1. Courses no longer required:
  • HSC 138 General and Therapeutic Nutrition – 2 credits
  • PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology – 3 credits (replaced with PSY 206)*
  • HSC 147 Growth and Development – 3 credits (replaced by PSY 206)*
  • MTH 167 Math Applications for Health Science (replaced by MTH 160)

*Students who completed HSC 147 and PSY 100 do not need to take PSY 206

The LPN to RN transition option allows the current LPN to complete the Associate degree in Nursing program. These students will complete an LPN to RN transition course and must meet all the WCC general education requirements. Successful completion of Nursing Program’s semester four and semester five allows the student to take the NCLEX-RN. Detailed information regarding the admission process and criteria will be available in the near future.

WCC uses a competitive admission process for high demand programs in health care. Applicants will be required to meet all admission requirements/criteria and will be ranked based on a point system.