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These are the listings of nursing courses once admitted into a nursing program.

Registered Nursing Program—(Associate in Applied Science)

New Concept-based Curriculum started in Fall of 2017 with teaching out of the current curriculum:

  • Fall 2017: NUR 108 Nursing Concepts I
  • Winter 2018: NUR 128 Nursing Concepts II
  • Fall 2018: NUR 138 Nursing Concepts III
  • Winter 2019: NUR 248 Nursing Concepts IV and NUR 258 Nursing Concepts Synthesis

Teach out of Current Curriculum

  • Winter 2018: NUR 223/224 Med/Surg II and NUR 255/256 Mental Health
  • Fall 2018 NUR 283/284 Med/Surg III, NUR 231/232 Pediatrics and NUR 290 NCLEX Preparation

Nursing Transfer—EMU School of Nursing—(Associate in Applied Science)

(Currently not accepting applications for F18)

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